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Eco Friendly Cosmetic Packaging

Celebrating 40 Years as a leader in sustainable cosmetic packaging!

New High Glass has a mission with the earth. We are inviting all of our customers to learn about our new eco-friendly cosmetic packaging options. New High Glass continues to focus our business in promoting glass products for eco-friendly cosmetic packaging options. Glass is a 100% recyclable material and can be recycled endlessly without losing its integrity. 

Clear Flint Glass Bottle Finish Size: 40/400 Capacity: 15 ML or 1/2 OZ Metric Dimensions: H: 28.34 mm D: 44.4 mm Case Count: 320
Clear Flint Glass Bottle Finish Size: 53/400 Capacity: 50 ML or 1.7 OZ Metric Dimensions: H: 43.5 mm D: 63.8 mm Case Count: 84

Material: Aluminum / PP Liner material: PE Color:  Shiny Silver / Shiny Gold Finish Size: 40/400 - 53/400 - 58/400 Case Count: 40/400 1.280 pcs // 53/400 525 pcs // 58/400 585 pcs   Our glass...

Material:  PP Liner material: PE Color: White Finish Size: 40/400  - 58/400 - 53/400 Case Count: 40/400 1.525 pcs //  58/400 1.275 pcs // 53/400 819 pcs 

Material:  PP Liner material: PE Color: White Finish Size: 28 mm Case Count: 7.000   Our glass cosmetic jars and accessories are great for lotions, creams, and more. Purchase online today, request samples or contact...

Please See Below for item Packing SKU Item Pieces Per  Case 103636 Trent 1/2oz 15/415 405   Our glass skincare bottles and accessories are great for lotions, creams, nail polishes and other types of skincare...

Are you looking for more eco-friendly glass cosmetic packaging options? New High Glass carries glass skincare packaging,  wholesale perfume bottles, Boston Round bottles, and glass bottle tops and accessories to fulfill all of your eco-friendly cosmetic glass packaging needs. 

To learn more about our wholesale glass bottles and jars and our sustainable cosmetic packaging efforts, contact us today by emailing sales@newhigh.com or calling (866) 936-0250

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