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Glass Skincare Bottles

Our glass skincare bottles and accessories are great for lotions, creams, moisturizers, face oils, and other types of skincare products. New High Glass skincare bottles come paired with the best-looking sprayers, treatment pumps, and droppers so you are able to tightly seal and preserve your product. Our glass skincare bottles vary in size, shape and color. You can order glass skincare bottles online, request samples, or contact us about ordering the following skincare bottles in bulk: 

Please See Below for item Packing SKU Item Pieces Per Case 112551 Camellia Flint Bottle 15ML 18/415 48 109499 Camellia Flint Bottle 30ML 18/415 48 112505 Camellia Flint Bottle 50ML 18/415 88 Our glass skincare bottles and accessories are great...

Item Number Description Units per Carton 113596 Sage 1/2 oz 18/415 450 113595 Sage 1 oz 18/415 224 112155 Sage 2 oz 18/415 144 109717 Sage 4 oz 18/415 108 Our glass skincare bottles and...

Please See Below for Packing Information:   SKU Item Pieces Per Case 113295 Begonia 15ml 18/415 160 113292 Begonia 30ml 18/415 168 113291 Begonia 50ml 18/415 90 113293 Begonia 100ml 18/415 60

Please See Below for item Packing SKU Item Pieces Per Case 113421 Daphne Flint Bottle 15ML 18/415 140 111952 Daphne Flint Bottle 30ML 18/415 108 113422 Daphne Flint Bottle 50ML 18/415 96 113621 Daphne Flint Bottle...

Are you looking for glass packaging beyond wholesale skincare packaging supplies? New High Glass carries wholesale perfume bottles and glass jars for cosmetics, all of which are paired with glass bottle tops and accessories to fulfill your cosmetic glass packaging needs.

To learn more about our wholesale glass bottles and jars and our custom cosmetic packaging abilities, contact us today by emailing or calling (866) 936-0250.


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