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Wholesale Eco-Fragrance Bottles

Our wholesale glass eco-fragrance bottles are great for perfumes, colognes, and more. Our wholesale glass eco-fragrance bottles are available in multiple collections that vary in size and shape. You can order online, request samples, or contact us about ordering the following glass eco-fragrance bottle collections in bulk:


  • Begonia Glass Eco-Fragrance Bottles
  • Zinnia Glass Eco-Fragrance Bottles
  • Zinnia Slim Glass Eco-Fragrance Bottles
  • Daphne Glass Eco-Fragrance Bottles


    We have developed the perfect eco-fragrance packaging solution, our Lassen Spray pumps can be separated from the bottles, making your fragrance package reusable and recyclable.

    Are you looking for glass packaging beyond wholesale skincare packaging supplies? New High Glass also carries glass skincare bottles and glass skincare jars all of which are paired with glass bottle tops and accessories to fulfill your cosmetic glass packaging needs. 

    To learn more about our wholesale glass bottles and jars and our glass packaging capabilities, contact us today by emailing or calling (866) 936-0250


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