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Wholesale Glass Perfume Bottles

Our wholesale glass perfume bottles are great for perfumes, colognes, and more. Simply pair our wholesale perfume bottles with a perfume cap to tightly seal and preserve the liquid fragrance. Our wholesale glass perfume bottles are available in multiple collections that vary in size, shape and color. You can order online, request free samples, or contact us about ordering the following glass perfume bottle collections:

  • Delacroix Perfume Bottles
  • Morisot Perfume Bottles
  • David Perfume Bottles

  • We have developed the perfect perfume caps, collars, and pumps to tightly fit each glass perfume bottle. These accessories hug the shoulder and hide the neck of the bottle giving the complete package a more clean and high-end look. You can now color match your accessories to match your brand's image!

    Are you looking for glass packaging beyond wholesale glass perfume bottles? New High Glass carries Boston Round bottles, glass skincare packaging, and all of the glass bottle tops and accessories to match your cosmetic glass packaging needs. 

    To learn more about our wholesale glass bottles and jars and our custom cosmetic packaging abilities, contact us today by emailing sales@newhigh.com or calling (866) 936-0250.

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