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Decorated glass bottles and jars


New High Glass is your one-stop shop for beautiful customized glass bottles! We are a wholesale supplier and offer in-house glass bottle decoration. This guarantees a quality process from ordering your bottles to shipping the final decorated product.

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In-House Glass Bottle Decoration

Our experienced team can make your custom skincare and cosmetic packaging a reality with a variety of glass bottle decoration services. From perfume bottle printing to silkscreen glass bottles for skincare, our customized options elevate your product image.

Our techniques include the following:

  • Silkscreen 
  • Spray Frosting 
  • Spray Coating in different finishes, Shiny or Matte, Opaque or Translucent

Fast Production Time

Because we do our glass bottle decoration in-house, our production time is drastically reduced. You will receive a pre-production sample within two to three weeks of your order, and the final product will ship within four weeks to two months of your initial order.

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Increase the appearance and value of your product with glass bottle decoration. Labels peel and fade, but custom glass bottles represent your brand until the last drop of product is used.

Our glass bottle decoration services are available for orders of 5,000 units or more. Choose from our selection of high-quality glass bottles and then contact our sales team today to place your custom order!


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