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Wholesale Luxury Perfume Bottles

Luxury perfume deserves luxury packaging, and that’s why our high quality glass bottles are the number one choice for luxury cosmetics and perfumes.

Choose from the classic shape of our Morisot and Zinnia collections, or try something new with a square perfume bottle from our David collection. Each of these luxury perfume bottles is made in Italy with an attention to detail that you won’t find elsewhere.

Order from our online store, or request a quote for wholesale luxury perfume bottles.


Your signature scent in signature packaging

Make your perfume stand out with custom perfume bottles! We offer in-house decoration services, ensuring the quality of each detail of your cosmetic packaging. From silkscreen printing to spray frosting, your signature scent can have unique, signature packaging. With endless customizations and a quick turnaround time, New High is the premium supplier for custom perfume bottles!


Wholesale Luxury Cosmetic Packaging

Browse all of our options for wholesale luxury cosmetic packaging, from glass bottles for skincare to essential oils!

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