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Skincare bottles with dropper perfect for serum, oils, lotions

Droppers and Pipettes in Cosmetic Packaging

Droppers are the ideal packaging solution for serums in the cosmetics industry, offering precise dispensing, controlled application, protection from contamination, luxurious presentation, and convenience for users.

Precise Dispensing: Whether it's a potent serum, a luxurious oil, or a concentrated essence, these tools allow users to dispense the exact amount we need. This precision is particularly crucial for skincare products, where the right dosage can significantly impact effectiveness.

Protection from Contamination: Serums typically contain delicate ingredients that can degrade when exposed to air or light. Droppers allow users to extract the desired amount of product without the need to directly touch the contents of the bottle. This reduces the risk of cross-contamination from the user's hands or fingers, maintaining the purity and cleanliness of the remaining product inside the bottle.

User experience: The sleek design and smooth operation of these dispensing tools evoke a sense of luxury, enhancing the perceived value of the product. Moreover, the controlled dispensing mechanism empowers users to customize their application, whether they prefer a targeted spot treatment or a gentle, all-over application, fostering a sense of control and satisfaction.




Dropper Length: The length of the dropper pipette needs to be matched to each glass bottle. It depends on the internal height of the botte; from the finish to about 2 mm from the bottom. The pipettes should never touch the bottom of the glass bottle as this might cause breakage. NHG gives dropper/bottle recommendations and the measurement suggested is for the exposed glass pipette, from the rubber bulb to the tip. Pipette lengths usually have a variance of +/- 1mm or +/- 2mm depending on the supplier.
Pipette End: Straight, Bulb & Bent Bulb tips are the most common for droppers in the cosmetic industry, selection depends on customer preference. We prefer the bulb tip for our cosmetic glass pipettes as they are more sturdy and less likely to break. 

    Pipette Markings: Some customers require their pipettes to have different markings or graduation measurements. Depending on the selected dosage (ml) they might have different types of markings. These indicate volume from the tip up to the marking. Markings are silk-screened on the glass pipettes; on plastic pipettes the markings can be embossed on the plastic. 

      Bulb Materials: Silicone and Rubber are the most common materials for dropper bulbs. All of our stock droppers have rubber bulbs as this material is more compatible with different types of formulas. We recommend that customers always test their formulas with our packaging components. 

        Wipers: This accessory is recommended especially for thicker formulations. Wipers go on the bottle's finish and are great for removing excess formula from the pipette.


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