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The Trend Towards Glass

The Trend Towards Glass

Plastic bottling and packaging technologies have come a long way in recent years. Still, glass continues to be the first choice for upscale fragrances, skincare, and personal care packaging, particularly where quality, premiumization, and consumers' interest in "natural" packaging has grown.

Glass has many artistic, creative, and sensory characteristics that appeal to several senses while also offering an opportunity for disruptive innovation and design. New technologies allow for asymmetrical inner or outer shapes, variations of color that play with light and reflection, and an assortment of techniques to customize any glass bottle or jar to match your brand's personality and aesthetic.

Additionally, as the global skincare market continues to grow, so does the awareness surrounding the adverse effects of synthetic ingredients, creating a desire for more natural options, thus making glass packaging the ideal choice because of its durability, resistance, and recyclability.

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