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Threaded vs. Crimped

Threaded vs. Crimped

How to choose between closures; Threaded vs. Crimp finish:

Closures refer to the device used to seal your bottle. Closures are distinguished by “type”, screw-on caps, sprayers, treatment pumps, droppers etc..  and by “finish”, which refer to the way in which the closure attaches to your bottle or the neck configuration of such. 

Pro Tip: Your bottles and closures must share the same finish in order to get a proper seal.

At New High Glass we mainly work with Threaded and Crimp type closures.

Threaded Style Closures:

 Threaded closures are defined by protruded threads on both the bottles and closures, they work by rotating the closure until it sits firmly against the bottle’s shoulder. This type of closure is mostly used in the skincare and cosmetic industry.

Threaded finishes are referred to by two numbers, the first indicating the outer diameter of the bottle’s neck in millimeters; the second the thread configuration.  Thread configuration is based on how many times the thread passes on another. 

The most common finish for threaded glass bottles and closures at New High Glass is 18/415. Other common sizes include 13/415, 15/415, 24/410, 18/400 and 20/400. 

At New High Glass we offer many styles of Threaded closures that you can find here


Crimp Style Closures:

Crimp closures have been the standard for commercial fragrances for many years. Crimp style pumps are machined onto the bottles, the pump fits over the neck of the bottle and then is crimped around a ridge in the bottle’s neck. This makes the pumps non removable, preventing the fragrance from evaporating and protecting the package from leaking. 

Crimp neck finish is defined by a single number indicating the outer diameter of the bottle's neck at its widest point in millimeters. At New High Glass the most popular neck and closure size for fragrance bottles is 15 MM.

Over the years, crimp style pumps have become much more attractive and in some cases, even unnoticeable when a collar is placed around the crimped pump. You can find several options for spray pump, collars and caps here.


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