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Reuse, Refill, Recycle...

Reuse, Refill, Recycle...

Reuse, Refill, Recycle…

Focusing on creating good quality, sustainable products has become the #1 priority for most brands. New High Glass understands the importance of encouraging safe and clean manufacturing practices, honest processes and the use of reliable products that nourish the environment. We, not only as a company but rather as humans, have the responsibility to the planet to do better. 

The definition of sustainability is “avoidance of the depletion of natural resources in order to maintain an ecological balance”. Sustainability is neither a “trend” nor a way to relieve the moral weight on the consumer’s shoulders anymore.  Instead, it is becoming the standardized norm we must all abide by.  The box that must be ticked before launching a product or offering a service.

 As consumers, we have the responsibility to understand the practices behind the brands we support. As suppliers, we have a responsibility with one another to do better and contribute to sustainable practices.

The “refilling” option has allowed companies to introduce a new sustainable approach to offer their products without damaging the environment.  The concept of reducing unnecessary waste has become available because of the many resources provided by suppliers such as NHG.  Glass is one of the few packaging materials that is 100% recyclable, therefore making it the best alternative for sustainable packaging.  However, for every bottle there is an accessory;  and for this reason, NHG decided to launch components that boost the refilling incentive and support industries when switching to sustainable packaging.. The new Fine Ribbed Caps that allows brands to keep shipping their products in refillable packaging without re-shipping accessories.  Think of it as “repurposing your packaging”, an initiative to refill your product and reuse your packaging without the complications behind it, plus it is the most cost-effective alternative, for both suppliers and consumers.   

The strategy to repurpose bottles is not exclusive to the cosmetics industry, but rather applicable to other industries as well.  Just as cosmetic companies, fragrance companies are looking to take the necessary steps to join the sustainability train by taking out of the equation extra components and making the overall packaging more eco-friendly. the components or accessories that make their packaging unsustainable.

Since perfumes themselves are harder to refill, the industry is taking a new approach by moving parts and pieces to create the perfect perfume bottle.

But just as everything, we must really put the work in and look for ways to not only improve but rather change the strategies we once thought of as effective, and since we are innovators and pioneers in the industry, we had to jump on board with providing our customers the best solution.

For this reason, we are launching The Lassen Sprayers, the perfect alternative to reuse, reduce and recycle your fragrance packaging.  What makes this product so special is actually the cap, or rather the lack of it since the new system actually removes the accessory to support the reduce  initiative.  In order to keep the content of the bottle safe, we’ve added a clip to the sprayer to ensure the bottle is “locked”. By using a screw on pump we give our customers the advantage to reuse the bottle and sprayer once they finish their fragrance or the option to recycle the glass and aluminum in their corresponding containers.

New High Glass is constantly looking to expand its line of products and provide customers with alternatives, which will hopefully later become the sole alternatives.  In order to help the wheel spin, we must all play a part in this sustainable movement.

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